Golden Gopher Magnetic Biosensing

About Us

Researchers from the University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, and several companies – a GMR biosensing start-up company (Zepto Life Technology LLC), a start-up company which fabricates magnetic nanoparticles (Universal Magnetic System LLC), a large biological and assay development company (R&D Systems), an audio electronics repair company (Jim Sawyer Professional Audio Service), and a mechanical design company (Vates) – teamed up to form the Golden Gopher Magnetic Biosensing Team.  Inspired by Dr. Jian-Ping Wang's vision of a low-cost, easy-to-use, accurate, portable GMR biosensing system, they have contributed their areas of expertise to build z-Lab and begin to design and construct z-Lab 2.0 and z-Lab 3.0.

About Team Leader

Jian-Ping Wang is an electrical and magnetic materials engineer with research expertise in magnetic and spintronic devices and materials.  His independent research has focused on developing nanomagnetic and spintronic devices and fabricating and understanding novel magnetic materials for information technology and biomedical applications.  Over the past 12 years, Dr. Wang has established a dynamic magnetic biosensing research laboratory at the University of Minnesota, which led to the formation of this Golden Gopher Magnetic biosensing team.  Dr. Wang is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a member of the graduate faculty in Physics, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.  He is also the director of the Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces and Novel Architectures (C-SPIN). He has authored and co-authored more than six book chapters, 210 publications in peer-reviewed top journals and conference proceedings, and he also holds three dozen patents and applications.  He and his students have co-founded three startup companies based on the technologies developed in his research laboratory. 

Team Members

Amy Skubitz
Andrew Badley
Chengguo Xing
Tian He
Tim Bloomquist
Chad Rheault
Todd Klein
Lina Yu
Michael Anderson
Yi Wang
Yinglong Feng
Michael Sandstedt
Jonathon Pechuman
Amardeep Chawla
Krishna Natarajan
Koshy Rajan
Xiqian Zheng
Jim Sawyer
Roy Huchzermeier
Jiaoming Qiu
Lishun Wu
Samiha Sultana
Liang Tu
Jian-Ping Wang
Bob Morke

NSXC Team Z Lab Golden Gopher Magnetic Biosensing

Team Leader:
Jian-Ping Wang
Minneapolis, MN, United States

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