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Non-invasive, wearable monitoring is increasingly becoming a high-tech, multidisciplinary field, combining the need for disciplines such as biophysics, physiology, engineering, ergonomics, algorithms, software and design.  Together with the trend towards the consumerization/decentralization of healthcare this leads towards lower cost devices and offerings in larger numbers to either the patient or a health enthusiast. Such offerings will need to be ultimately simple to operate, thus asking for sophistication inside the device. The Biovotion team has an extensive track record in publishing wearable monitoring related articles in peer-reviewed journals. The know-how accumulated over the last decade particularly with its multi-sensor concept makes Biovotion probably one of the most unique teams in wearable physiological monitoring. Biovotion holds 15 patent families in the field of wearable monitoring, covering most of the expected commercialization roadmap.

About Team Leader

Dr. Andreas Caduff has been a driving force in the development of non-invasive, wearable sensor technologies, with internationally recognized expertise in in vivo monitoring and involved physiological/metabolic processes. Particularly, he has introduced highly miniaturized, wearable multi-sensor based monitoring systems into the medical arena, focusing on monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. In his previous position he served as CTO of Solianis, a company focusing on multi-sensor-based non-invasive glucose monitoring.

Team Members

Andreas Caduff
Mikael von Euw
Pavel Zakharov
Mark Talary
Stephan Bachofen
Philipp Vetter

NSXC Team Biovotion

Team Leader:
Andreas Caduff
Zurich, Switzerland

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