About Us

We are not only determined to offer everyone his or her health status anywhere, anytime, we avow to focus first on poor and emerging countries where our actions could help save lives. 

At its origins, Archimej was named Alpha-Project and started in Shanghai in early 2012 through the nexus of technology and the formation of the founding team. At the time, we were focused exclusively on Alpha-Bioled project (new generation of absorption spectrometer for hospitals’ analyzers) as a faster and first strategic application of our technology to develop.  It wasn’t until the end of 2012, in the frame of the Altran Innovation contest, that we the designed Beta-Bioled project and realized the amazing potential of our technology. Blood chemistry analyses could now become new vital-signs to self-monitor.

About Team Leader

Growing up in an environment of biotechnology start-ups, Francisco Vega quickly became passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.  After obtaining his degree in Business Administration, specializing in innovative technologies management, Francisco gained experience by leading several innovative projects—experience that he enhanced by working on strategic developments and funding corporate partnerships for consulting biotechnology companies and different start-ups.

Team Members

Francisco Vega
Eric Belarbre
Henri Leung
Camille Pat
Mejdi Nciri

NSXC Team Archimej

Team Leader:
Francisco Vega
Evry, France

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