About Us

QUASAR was founded in 1998 to develop, produce, and market state-of-the-art, low-noise electromagnetic sensing technology, and has become a world leader in non-invasive physiological monitoring. QUASAR’s work builds on revolutionary non-invasive sensors integrated with robust hardware and precision algorithms to produce systems that monitor cognitive and physiological states. A multi-million dollar annual R&D program ensures rapid translation of the latest discoveries into robust commercial products.

QUASAR is teaming with Vivid Spectrum Technologies, which develops cloud-based solutions for sensor data streaming, to deliver the proposed ECG chair's acquired data to the web for review by physicians.

We believe that many of our sensing solutions are ideal candidates for the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE in terms of their real-world usability, which brings medical grade health-monitoring technology to home and daily monitoring for healthcare prevention and lifestyle enhancement applications. This Challenge presents us with an opportunity to showcase our innovative, revolutionary technology and to assist in bridging the gap of transferring this technology to the marketplace.

High-fidelity through-clothes ECG Sensor embedded into Cardiac monitor chair transmit data to cloud service that enables physicians to review cardiac health of at patients at risk of Atrial Fibrillations, which are linked with increased risk of stroke.

About Team Leader

Dr. Walid Soussou leads and manages QUASAR’s efforts in developing applications of QUASAR’s dry-electrode EEG technology for cognitive state assessment. Dr. Soussou leverages his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California (USC), expertise in Brain-Computer-Interfaces, and experience in sleep research, for developing commercial applications of QUASAR’s wearable EEG/EOG/EMG/ECG sensors. Dr. Soussou's research has brought in over $5M in contracts and grants funding, and has led to new technology commercialization opportunities. Dr. Soussou's research interests include EEG for ADHD, depression, neurofeedback, and PTSD applications.

Team Members

Walid Soussou
Neil McDonald
Tobin McManus
Konstantine Ermolaev
Vivid Spectrum Technologies

Team Quasar Nokia Sensing X Challenge

Team Leader:
Walid Soussou
San Diego, CA, United States

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