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The McDevitt Lab is a Houston-based medical microdevice research group from Rice University. We are committed to improving the speed, accuracy and affordability of disease diagnosis on a global basis. The group has pioneered significant new sensing technologies that involve a blend of MEMS devices, nano sensors, microfluidics, noninvasive testing, and artificial intelligence. Our group has three major goals:

Goal #1: To develop the next generation of lab-on-a-chip sensor systems that are affordable and accessible to all human kind.

Our mission is translational research and our main goal is to make high performance sensor systems broadly and readily accessible and affordable for the good of humankind worldwide, including resource-poor settings that usually gain access to technologies decades after they become obsolete.

Goal #2: To develop the standard modular assay system that can be readily expanded to new analytes.

Traditionally, medical devices require three to five years in development time at the cost of $20 to $60 million to develop a single product with analysis capabilities dedicated to one analyte. The programmable bio-nano-chip approach provides a platform methodology whereby a common core can be adapted to new application areas quickly and efficiently.

Goal #3: To get the "chips out of the lab," thereby enabling the development of initial "true lab-on-a-chip systems."

Despite significant advances, the ability to interface individual components to achieve a high level of integration continues to pose a challenge for the scientific community. Even more difficult is the prospect of creating a modular standard "microfluidic tool kit" that can be adapted in a simple and rapid manner. The McDevitt laboratory is working actively to develop and refine a number of miniaturized sensor concepts and methodologies that are suitable for a variety of important application areas.

Credit card sized p-BNC plastic disposable now in development targets measurement of key biomarkers with potential to yield cardiac wellness profiles.

About Team Leader

John T. McDevitt is the Brown-Wiess Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at Rice University and is a pioneer in the development of “programmable bio-nano-chip" technologies. Since joining Rice in 2009, McDevitt’s group has focused primarily on development of portable diagnostic devices that have potential to replace high-cost, lab-based, time-consuming diagnostic tests for both resource scarce settings where traditional laboratory measurements are not practical as well as for developed countries that are seeking to reduce health care costs.

McDevitt's recent research has been supported by major programs, receiving funding by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the United Kingdom’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch. McDevitt and his team have written more than 170 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and have contributed to more than 150 patents and patent applications.

Team Members

John T. McDevitt
Glennon Simmons
Ahmed Haque
Michael McRae

Team P BNC Nokia Sensing X Challenge

Team Leader:
John T. McDevitt
Houston, TX, United States

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