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i-calQ’s pioneering technology, using biosensor-equipped smartphones to record, quantify, and interpret point-of-care diagnostic tests, didn't come from a lab or academia, but from an African public health crisis. In 2007, two i-calQ team members were doing research in the western Uganda district where an Ebola outbreak was taking place. The inability to diagnose Ebola in a timely fashion was costing lives and prolonging the outbreak. In this part of remote Africa where few things worked, one technology did: mobile phones. They began to think about developing a point-of-care diagnostic test to determine whether a person had Ebola or not and if a smartphone could be used to interpret the test, store the results, and transmit the information to a public health database.

In 2007 we realized that a smartphone-based point of care diagnostic technology had wide applicability in medicine. In 2011 we demonstrated a working prototype of a smartphone-based quantitative point of care device.

In 2013, i-calQ introduced the first quantitative smartphone-based thyroid disease management solution based on point-of-care TSH measurement, a stress management system based upon salivary cortisol measurement, and an antenatal test panel which includes HIV, syphilis, glucose, blood pressure, hemoglobin, and urinary albumin point-of-care tests.

i-calQ’s team continues to be focused on the development of accurate, affordable, next generation smartphone-based point-of-care disease management technologies.


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About Team Leader

Joel Ehrenkranz, M.D. is an academic endocrinologist, research scientist, and the founder of several biotech and medical device companies. A graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, he trained in internal medicine at Columbia University, in neurology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and in endocrinology at the National Institute of Health as a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service. Professor Ehrenkranz is presently on the faculty of the University of Colorado and University of Utah Medical Schools and is the director of diabetes and endocrinology for Intermountain Healthcare.

His scientific work has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, and Newsweek and in many of the world's most prestigious academic journals. Professor Ehrenkranz is currently the chief medical officer for i-calQ LLC, a Utah-based medical device company that has developed smartphone technology to replace today's clinical lab instrumentation and infrastructure with a mobile phone based point-of-care diagnostic device.

Team Members

Joel Ehrenkranz
Pamela Turbeville
Theodore Espiritu
Randy Polson
Andrew Ehrenkranz
Harriet Blest

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Team Leader:
Joel Ehrenkranz
Salt Lake City, UT, United States

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