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SensoDx was founded under the leadership of Dr. Robert Mehalso, entrepreneur, business development and micro/nano/bio systems commercialization specialist, and Dr. John T. McDevitt, scientific founder and inventor of the programmable bio-nano-chip approach. Dr. Robert M. Mehalso, Chief Executive Officer for SensoDx, LLC., is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nanotechnology. His work made possible the high-volume micro/nano-manufacturing processes that are used to create fuel injection nozzle structures, inkjet print heads, medical diagnostic devices, and the CD-ROM. Dr. Mehalso has more than thirty years’ experience in academics and industry. Dr. Mehalso founded and built the world’s first corporation dedicated to the commercialization of micro/nano/biosystems. He has subsequently been involved in founding over a dozen micro/nano/biosystems companies and serves on numerous advisory boards in this same area. Dr. John T. McDevitt serves as the Scientific Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for SensoDx, LLC. He has a strong track record of translating essential bioscience discoveries into real-world clinical practice.

About Team Leader

Dr. John T. McDevitt also functions currently as the Brown-Wiess Professor of Chemistry and Bioengineering at Rice University. He is a pioneer in the development of ‘programmable bio-nano-chip’ technologies.  McDevitt and his team over the past decade have raised more than $30M in Federal and industrial support. This work was recognized with the “Best of What's New Award” in the Medical Device Category for 2008 by Popular Science as well as for the “Best Scientific Advances Award” in 1998 by the Science Coalition. He has published more than 185 peer-reviewed papers and serves as the Principal Investigator for 6 major clinical trials.

Team Members

Glennon Simmons
Michael McRae
Ahmed Haque
John T. McDevitt

NSXC Team SensoDX

Team Leader:
John T. McDevitt
Houston, TX, United States

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