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Our goal is to make sure that by the time when somebody really important to you is expecting a baby, our technology for detection of deadly pregnancy complication becomes widely available, and there will be much less risk for your pregnant wife, sister, daughter or the best friend.

About Team Leader

Professor Anna Pyayt joined University of South Florida after being an NSF Computer Innovation Fellow at Stanford University.  Currently she is a director of IBIS - Innovative Biomedical Instruments and Systems laboratory.  She earned her dual PhD in Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology from the University of Washington.  Dr. Pyayt’s area of expertise includes blood testing, mobile medicine and early detection of pregnancy complications. The technologies she has been working on were highlighted in Science and Nature.

Team Members

Anna PyaytEdikan Archibong

NSXC Team Hemolix

Team Leader:
Anna Pyayt
Tampa, FL, United States

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