Endotronix Wireless Health Monitoring

About Us

Endotronix was founded in June 2007 by Anthony Nunez, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon and Harry Rowland, PhD a mechanical engineer.  Both co-founders had family members who suffered from heart failure, which inspired them to invent a more humane and effective way to care for and improve the quality of life for heart failure patients. In launching the company, Endotronix licensed two patents from NASA for ultra-miniature wireless sensor designs.  Endotronix subsequently made a breakthrough innovation which led to a patent for a new type of wireless sensor reader.  Following this invention, the co-founders received the backing of James Hummer, a successful healthcare entrepreneur who shared Endotronix’s vision to deliver improved clinical outcomes while reducing the cost of care.  Endotronix currently holds numerous approved patents, including five patents for its reader technology.

About Team Leader

Dr. Harry Rowland has directed the company’s operations, strategy, and technology development since inception.  He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a B.S. in mechanical engineering and M.A. in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Dr. Rowland’s professional interests are at the intersection of transformative technologies and emerging business opportunities.  He has been active in research and development of micro and nanotechnology fabrication methods for more than a decade.  His projects have led to invited research at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico and Trinity College, Ireland.  Dr. Rowland has authored or presented more than 15 conference and journal papers in internationally recognized peer-reviewed publications such as Science and Nano, with his work referenced in more than 200 scholarly articles.  He is an inventor on several issued patents and pending applications.

Team Members

Harry Rowland
Dan Kendall
Michael Nagy
Brad Poff
Kevin MacDonald
Bala Sundaram
Tyler Panian
Douglas Nielsen
Phuong Pham
Nathan Plag

NSXC Team Endotronix

Team Leader:
Harry Rowland
Woodridge, IL, United States

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