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About Us

The Eigen Lifescience team is formed around a unique magnetic sensing technology developed at Stanford University in the lab of Professor Shan Wang. A team of four Ph.D. students and two professors has come together to transform this cutting edge technology into a mobile device that enables individualized diagnosis and medicine. Our team members combine interdisciplinary approaches to develop an innovative diagnostic platform that has the potential to dramatically change medicine.

About Team Leader

Dr. Shan Wang is a Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and jointly of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and by courtesy, a Professor of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine. He directs the Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology, and is a co-Principal Investigator of the Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence and Translation (CCNE-T) at Stanford University.  He has more than 200 publications, and holds 40 issued or pending patents in the area of magnetic nanotechnology, biosensors, spintronics, power-management and information storage.  He is a scientific founder of MagArray Inc. and serves on the advisory boards of Nvigen Inc. and several other companies.  He is elected a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a Fellow of American Physical Society (APS) for his seminal contributions to magnetic materials and nanosensors.  He has been recognized by numerous other honors and awards, including an inaugural Frederick Terman Fellowship. 

Team Members

Shan Wang
Daniel Bechstein
Jung-Rok Lee
Joohong Choi
Adi Wijaya Gani
Paul Utz

NSXC Team Eigen Lifescience

Team Leader:
Shan Wang
Stanford, CA, United States

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