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Atoptix is a leader in miniature optical spectroscopy and sensor systems. We are developing products based on our patent-pending spectrometer technology which was pioneered at Penn State University. Dr. Perry Edwards, CEO of Atoptix, is a recent Ph.D. graduate from Penn State and has expertise on spectroscopic sensing and systems. Dr. Zhiwen Liu (Ph.D., Caltech), CTO of Atoptix, is also a professor in electrical engineering at Penn State, and an  expert on optical spectroscopy, imaging, and sensing.

About Team Leader

Dr. Perry Edwards co-founded Atoptix, LLC to commercialize patent pending biomedical imaging and optical spectroscopy technologies. He has expertise in the field of optical sensing, with strong interests in developing technology for applications in mobile health. Dr. Edwards received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University in 2013 and also holds B.S. (2007) and M.S. (2009) degrees from Penn State. As a graduate student, he was a Diefenderfer Fellowship recipient, awarded to innovative, entrepreneurial-oriented engineering students and was a 2013 SPIE Optics and Photonics Scholarship recipient.

Team Members

Perry EdwardsZhiwen Liu

NSXC Team Atoptix

Team Leader:
Perry Edwards
State College, PA, United States

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