About Us

nanoLambda Inc. is developing apollo sensor platform, the world’s smallest spectrometer-on-a-chip. The apollo sensor can detect personal vital and health signals non-invasively and continuously, using paradigm-shifting technologies. apollo sensor is ultra-compact and affordable for mobile/wearable health monitoring devices. We strongly believe our apollo sensor can greatly contribute to solving healthcare issues like no other.

The best way to complete the mission is through collaboration. Our motto is "collaborate to innovate." Through this competition, we can collaborate with many other great teams, which will accelerate the final goal: Improving and extending healthcare capabilities in a paradigm-shifting way.

About Team Leader

Bill founded nanoLambda in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2005 to commercialize an ultra-compact and low cost noninvasive sensing platform – a spectrometer-on-a-chip – for everyday life. The brand name is apollo. Before founding nanoLambda, Bill worked for Samsung Electronics in Korea, and a start-up company, AcceLight Networks in Pittsburgh, PA.

He received a B.Sc. degree in Physics from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, in 1984, and MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1997.

Team Members

Bill Choi
Cheng-Chun Chang
Chien-Ta Wu
Kwansik Lee
Seongsu Woo
Jihoon Kim
Saifullah Rao
Seungchan Shin
Ho-Gyun Choi
Minkyu Song
Byounghee Lee

Team Nano Lambda Nokia Sensing X Challenge

Team Leader:
Bill Choi
Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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