New Sensor Monitors Vital Signs While You Sit

New Sensor Monitors Vital Signs While You Sit

By Paul Conley

The latest technology aimed at improving healthcare is a device that monitors your vital signs wirelessly, just by touching your, er, um… rear end, uh, posterior, ahem, butt? Now, before you start crying alien probe, let’s be clear. This is a passive sensor that is embedded in a chair cushion.

Why exactly does the world need a butt monitor, or as medical device company EarlySense calls it, the Chair Sensor? Don’t we already spend too much time sitting on our behinds? Before you answer that, think about how much time people spend in the ER or doctor’s waiting room before they receive treatment. A device that constantly measures heart rate, respiration and movement could speed the check-in process or alert medical personnel to an adverse change in a patient’s condition.

In rehabilitation facilities, the sensor would allow recovering patients to move from beds to chairs without being attached all those wires that come with conventional monitors. And in nursing homes, it could help prevent falls by alerting staff that a resident is attempting to get up.

EarlySense also makes under-the-mattress monitors that track vital signs and motion in medical institutions. The Chair Monitor is a smaller, keister-activated version that performs all the same functions.

We all know how important it to get up and get moving, but this is the one instance when sitting on your butt could save your butt.

Paul Conley is a contributor to XPRIZE and an editorial consultant to brands, nonprofits and business publishers. He also writes about his unconventional approach to work, life and happiness at ABigFishinaSmallPond.com.

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