The Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE is comprised of two distinct Competitions. Each Competition has the following three phases:

  1. Registration
  2. Qualifying Round judging
  3. Final Round judging

The Final Round judging event will culminate in an Awards Ceremony.

Registration Phase

During this phase, teams will be invited to register for the competition and submit supporting materials such as study results, diagrams, videos and prototypes. Once a team has been enrolled as a competitor, they may present materials for consideration at any point until the close of the Registration Phase for that particular event of the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE. This will allow a certain amount of flexibility and enable teams to update their submission as they uncover more evidence or create more materials that might help them in the competition.

The XPRIZE Foundation will create a set of formal guidelines outlining what will and will not be considered by the judging panel. This will prevent the judges from being overwhelmed by hours of video footage, undecipherable data, etc.
A complete team registration for the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE includes:
      1. Submitted and approved Intent to Compete Form
      2. Confirmed team account on Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE Team Portal
      3. Brief technical description of proposed technology
      4. Proof of legal entity status
      5. Paid $1,000 USD registration fee
      6. Signed and approved Master Team Agreement
See schedules above for specific registration deadlines.

Qualifying Round Judging Phase

During this phase, the judging panel will assess the submitted material and narrow the field down to 10 finalists. The panel will be composed of experts from the various sub-fields of sensing and may include advisors to consult on specific entries. This group may work independently or together to select the competitors that have created the most impressive technology or application based on the six judging criteria: validity, usability, relevance, originality, interoperability and affordability.

As sensing is an enormous, heterogeneous field, there will be no specific benchmarks established for any of these criteria. Instead, the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE will rely on the judges’ expert knowledge and the teams’ submitted material to establish notability.

Final Round Judging Phase

This phase will allow the judging panel to more rigorously examine the 10 finalists. The Final Round judging phase will bring competitors and judges together, providing teams with the chance to present their sensing technology in a live setting where they are encouraged to interact with the judges. If the competitors have gathered any new or additional evidence that might support their entries, they may submit it during the Final Round judging phase. Finally, judges will be given the opportunity to question and probe the teams to better evaluate them along the six judging criteria.

The Awards Announcement

The winners of each Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE event will be announced at the conclusion of the Final Round judging phase. The XPRIZE Foundation may elect to announce the winners of each event at a major industry conference and provide finalists with the opportunity to display and showcase their systems.   

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