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About Us

Elfi-Tech Ltd. was founded in 2006 and aims to develop technology in the field of non-invasive monitoring of physiological parameters. Using our Elfi mDLS sensor, we focus on developing a range of breakthroughs in the field of non-invasive monitoring of blood circulation parameters.

The Elfi mDLS sensor and signal processing tools allow accurate, continuous and non-invasive monitoring of blood flow waveform at different locations on the body. This information enables the accurate monitoring of numerous physiological parameters such as heart rate, blood perfusion, blood pressure and different cardiac functions.

We share the vision of providing non-invasive self-monitoring by using lightweight and easy to use sensors with the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE. Therefore we aspire to take part in the competition for further development and adoption of our technology.

About Team Leader

Dr. Fine has over 25 years of medical device industry experience and is the co-founder of many successful medical device companies: Cybro Medical; OrSense; Pulse-Or; Elfi-tech and Oxiton Medical. He is the inventor of a number of medical device technologies such as the fetal reflection pulse oximeter, a non-invasive hemoglobin measuring device, a non-invasive glucose monitor, a DLS biosensor, and more.

Dr. Fine is also the inventor of a new technique for performing non-invasive measurements referred to as Occlusion Spectroscopy, and author of more than 40 patents and scientific papers.

Team Members

  • Ilya Fine
  • Louis Shenkman
  • Naum Chernoguz
  • Ofir Betsalel
  • Alexander Kaminsky
  • Yan Wool
  • Natalie Carlebach
  • Jonathan Ephrath
  • Miriam Genkin
  • Igal Ofri
  • Vladimir Kolesnikov
  • Elfi-Tech | Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

    Team Leader:
    Ilya Fine
    Rehovot, Israel

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